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At every step of the way, we understand the importance of ensuring extremely high-quality production standards.



Customization is in our DNA. Our team builds custom products and solutions based on our customer needs. We take a very detailed approach to ensure that the final designs meet your requirements through comprehensive evaluation and testing.


Elytone provides industry-leading components that are produced in modern facilities using high-grade global materials and efficient manufacturing techniques.

Final Products

With excellent design and manufacturing, Elytone components are used to make assembled PCBs that showcase the outstanding features and capabilities of the company.



Elytone's OEM services alleviate the hassle of in-house production and inventory storage for our customers. Our ISO certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities offer a reliable, flexible, and timely production of audio components.


Elytone guarantees high-quality OEM products that customers can rely on.

Design & Manufacturing

Total Turnkey Solution

Using the product idea given by the client, Elytone creates blueprints using systems engineering and ID design; a prototype sample is then built using mechanical and electrical engineering. When product molds are complete, we can provide certification-ready samples for the customer's approval.


Over the last 40 years, Elytone has established a strong foundation in R&D capabilities & experience. We offer professional contract manufacturing services (ODM, OEM, and JDM) for various audio and magnetic products. We help our customers realize their product ideas and deliver them to the market in a timely manner.


As a leading manufacturer of transformers and audio ODM/OEM products, Elytone invests in key automation equipment such as SMT, A/I, ATE and winding machines, automatic robotic arm which increases overall efficiency and shortens overall time to market.

At every step of the way, we understand the importance of ensuring extremely high-quality production standards.

We are a full-service manufacturer, helping you go from concept to prototype to full-scale production. Get in touch with us now.